Sunday, September 19, 2010

Busy times

Where do I begin?

I will start with this week. I started my new job and am so exhausted! :) But in a good way, just trying to get back in the routine of work schedules and such. After being discouraged for a while about Texas not recognizing my MS counseling license/ degree and wanting me to teach for 2 years, I decided to look for jobs that I would actually enjoy or use my undergrad degree in. So, I began my search and found lots of opportunities but was still hesitant about them. Then, one random day a week and a half ago, I was looking for invitations for a party in Houston and the cutest website came up. For those of you who don't know, I love invitations, paper, stationary, cutesy/artsy stuff so I randomly buy this stuff all the time. After looking through a lot of their stuff, I realized that this wasn't a store, it was a company that designs and creates them and then ships them out to stores/ online vendors. Then I noticed that they had a "career opportunity" tab and so I just clicked on it and sure enough, they had a job opening. I e-mailed my resume and cover letter and that afternoon, they called for an interview! When I wasn't looking for a job, I found one! Come to find out, they had just posted the job opening that morning because the girl before me had just quit. What luck! SO....I interviewed and got the job. Started last Monday and was extremely overwhelmed.... still am! There is a lot to learn and so much to do. It is very fast paced and hectic but the people are great and the atmosphere is fun. I just hope that I catch on quick! I hate not knowing what I'm doing.

So when Friday rolled around, I was EXHAUSTED! Chris had flown out to Cape (Cape Girardeau,Missouri, his hometown) on Thursday night for his friend Walter's wedding. So Friday, I went to Hasta La Pasta with Kristen and it was delish! There are so many restaurants I have to try here! I couldn't stay out long though because I was fighting off falling asleep all during dinner. Saturday was actually pretty productive! I got my hair done at The Conservatory ( the best place on earth!) and ran errands. Sometimes it is nice having time to yourself to get stuff done and relax but Chris has been traveling so much lately that I'm starting to get sick of time to myself. Every weekend is booked up pretty much until after our wedding...ugh. Next weekend, we are going to my boss' son's birthday party...who will be turning 1. He is so stinkin' cute! The next weekend is another wedding in Cape, and so it goes (why I named my blog what I named it!)

Hopefully I can make it home to Tupelo sooner rather than later. But with starting a new job, I don't really feel like I can take off work too much. October, November, and December will be super busy travel months for us as we have weddings, parties, holidays, football games, etc. I don't know how I will get all this stuff done! Wish me luck....and patience and maybe a few extra hours in the day????

Monday, September 13, 2010


Well, after a month of looking....I can now say that I am contributing to my 401K :) ! Haha....Thank the Lord! PTL and any other Praise God thing I can say! I love having a schedule and am very structured so this last month with none of that just about drove me and Chris crazy. However, I think the dogs enjoyed my time without work. I did get a lot of wedding stuff done but I need to be at work. I want to be at work. I have to be in a social setting and be productive or I have small panic attacks. I think I'm crazy but anyway...just wanted to share the good news! Bad news- Houston at 7:00 am = terrible traffic!It takes me an hour to get to work and I have to pay 2 tolls on the way there and 2 on the way back which means I pay $6 a day to drive to work and that doesn't count gas $$$$. Oh well, looking on the bright side. Will post more later...I'm exhausted!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Catch Up Time

So I have been slacking on the blog lately so this post may get a little long! :)

Where to start? Well, I haven't blogged since before I went to Tupelo for the weekend 2 weeks ago so i'll start with that. I went to Tup the last week in August to visit with my Pappaw for his 89th!!!!! birthday and for my Around the House Shower. Yes, I said 89 which means he'll soon be at the big nine o soon! I was so happy to see him. When asked what he wanted to do for his birthday, he told Alex (my cousin) that he wanted to go home for a day and eat cornbread! Ha! Since he is living in the nursing home, having a "party" at his house was something different. So we packed up some food, drinks, and headed out to what I consider the country if there is really any country in Tupelo anymore. When we get out there, what is the first thing I see? Pappaw riding on his lawn mower!!! Now, that may not seem to be a big deal but with an 89 year old man who can't walk and has one arm...that is HUGE! He was smiling from ear to ear and I almost started crying!

Pappaw on his lawn mower!

So, that was awesome! Moving on, it was a busy week/weekend in Tup as I met with our wedding planner, went to Park Heights to discuss our menu, and many other details. Then it was Sunday which meant, Shower time! My first shower and I was actually nervous being new at this and all. Anyway, my bridesmaids from Tupelo and Rachael (not from Tupelo but an honorary Tupelonian :) ) gave me an Around the House shower. I didn't expect to get that much stuff! Y'all are the Best!!!! Here are a few pics from the shower, my sister has most of the good ones on her camera.

Opening Gifts! I think this was my Crystal Bowl...

Love these ladies....

Yummy cupcakes by Mary Henson! She's doing my cake for the wedding too!

So, then it was back to Texas! I came back and have been busy ever since! Our wedding invitations came in, among many other packages that were shipped from people who couldn't come to the shower. A lot of my friends these days are out of towners like me so it's hard to come to stuff. It's a bummer but life goes on! So after writing thank you notes, getting our invitations ready to be addressed, getting pictures together for our slideshow, cleaning since I was gone for 5 days, and just catching up on sleep, I was a busy girl. Then Saturday comes and it's time for Ole Miss Football! Yay! I woke up and Chris was up and dressed in his "Grove attire" and yelling "Go to Hell LSU!" Needless to say, we were excited but extremely sad as this was the first game we've missed in years! :( So, Christin and Bob (fellow Ole Miss alums here in Houston) came over to watch the game and low and behold we lost to Jacksonville State. Lovely.....So embarassing. After that game, I needed a drink and bad so we head over to Kristen and Andrew's house for dinner and more football. I seriously felt like I was in college again, just minus some great friends! After some beer pong, flip cup, and circle of death it was my time to go home. I'm too old for this! But loved and needed every minute of it! That lead to an incredibly lazy rest of the weekend.

Chris will be leaving tomorrow to recruit at University of Texas and then on to New Orleans for Josh's Bachelor Party and maybe the Ole Miss game vs. Tulane. Maybe my rebs can pull this one off! Fingers crossed. So what am I going to do the rest of the week and weekend all by myself? NOTHING! I plan on doing absolutely nothing and relaxing. Hopefully! :)